Teaching and thesis advising

This page provides information on my courses at the University of Stuttgart as well as on the Bachelor and Master theses I advise.

Courses at the University of Stuttgart

For course descriptions, please see our KVV.

  • Language & Cognition: Introduction to psycholinguistics (yearly, since winter term 2018/19)
  • Language Variation: Introduction to sociolinguistics (yearly, since summer term 2019)
  • Advanced Semantics:
    • Language in Use: Pragmatics (winter term 2018/19)
    • Clause-embedding predicates in discourse (winter term 2019/20, summer term 2020, winter term 2020/21)
    • Social Meaning (winter term 2019/20, winter term 2020/21)
  • Colloquium: Semantics, pragmatics and psycholinguistics (every semester since winter term 2018/19)
  • Research colloquium in syntax, semantics and pragmatics (every semester since winter term 2018/19, joint with Prof. Dr. Daniel Hole)

Bachelor and Master theses

I advise theses on topics in semantics, pragmatics, psycholinguistics, prosody and on social meaning. To write a thesis with me, you should ideally have taken at least one course with me so that your thesis can build on the course content.

These guidelines (which are frequently updated) provide information on my expectations regarding the content, organization and mechanics of theses (and term papers) as well as on how I grade theses (and term papers). Please review them carefully if you are thinking of writing a thesis with me. I also go over these guidelines in courses that require a term paper.

You are welcome to develop a research question for your thesis based on your background and interests, as long as I feel comfortable advising a thesis on that topic, but I am also happy to suggest a research question. I generally expect both Bachelor and Master theses to include an original research component, which means that you will collect and analyze production or comprehension data to investigate the research question addressed in your thesis. Theses that investigate the state of the art on a particular research topic include a research proposal.

Here are titles of theses I have recently advised at the University of Stuttgart:

  • Modification with falsely: Evidence for entailment relations
  • The variable (ING): A case study of Michelle Obama
  • The acquisition of the English progressive aspect by L1 Ukranian speakers
  • The prosody of emotional meanings in English
  • Presupposition in neurodiverse populations
  • On the acquisition of factive presuppositions